Saturday 02 Dec 2023
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David Gates Consulting services provided:

  • Farm/Nursery Planning (design, re-design, market survey)
  • Business Plan (design, concept format, bubble planning, tweaking, full bankable business plans)
  • Horticultural Science (soil, water, analysis, nutritional programming)
  • Propagation (mother-stock, techniques, planning/design, programming, hygiene, prop-media, record design)
  • Pest & Disease (problem analysis, preventative and control programs, chemical and biological)
  • Farm - Intensive agriculture/Nursery Operation & Management (time-motion studies, production scheduling, costing, record keeping)
  • Cultural Analysis (systems analysis, guidelines, implementation techniques)
  • Growing Structures (commercial shade-houses, greenhouses, tunnels, design, use, maintenance, vertical farming)
  • Specialist Crops (pot-plants, cut-flower,edible crops, plugs - techniques propagation, culture, harvest, post-harvest, sales)
  • Labour (guidelines, management, training, compliance with current labour law)
  • Fertigation systems (advice, design, corrective procedures)
  • Irrigation (advice, design, corrective procedures)
  • Community Farming and Food Gardens (Farm to table concepts)
  • Roof Top Gardens (research and development)

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